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Precautions for factory use (If you want to enter and apply for borrowing a factory, you must first read the following regulations)

1.Personnel entering this field to work must strictly observe the safety precautions of this field. Violators, the site may stop their work rights at any time, and notify the person in charge of the site and the head of the mechanical department in writing to punish the personnel.

2.If there is damage due to improper operation, the new product should be repaid.

3.If there is damage to consumables caused by extensive use (under normal operation), charges will be based on the principle of proportionality.

4.Please make sure that there are at least two people in the machine factory during operation. It is strictly forbidden to conduct experiments or operate machines alone during non-working hours.

5.When there are more than two people working in a group, only one person can operate the machine or switch alone.

6.When operating the machine, you should bring your work permit with you so that factory personnel can check their identity. After checking the identity, it is found that the non-applicant worker himself will be permanently suspended.

7.When entering the factory, you should wear work clothes (long pants, short sleeves, covered shoes), and it is prohibited to wear shirts, bare feet, or slippers, sandals, high heels, or hollow sandals and shorts (including skirts and cropped pants) when entering the factory and operating any machinery or equipment , You should wear safety glasses, face shields, safety shoes or helmets depending on your work needs. It is strictly forbidden to wear any gloves to operate the machine. Others such as ties, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, etc. should be removed temporarily. Long hair must be tied well to avoid the danger of being drawn into the machine.

8.The machinery and equipment must be operated in accordance with normal procedures, and personnel safety must be paid attention to at all times. Any problems should be reported to the instructor or factory management personnel of the practice laboratory as soon as possible.

9.Before operating the machine, you should be familiar with the operation method of the machine, and do not start or operate any machine without the permission of the factory teacher or under his supervision. Students must follow the guidance and advice of the factory director, instructors, teaching assistants, and factory technicians. Violators are asked to leave the factory immediately and notify the instructor to deal with it.

10.Safety inspection of machinery and equipment should be carried out before use; after use, the machinery and equipment after use must be wiped and maintained, and the practice site should be sorted and cleaned. All kinds of chips, residues and garbage should be cleaned to designated places, machinery and equipment, electric lights, and air conditioners. Turn off the power of the device before leaving. The ground should be kept clean at all times, and no hand tools should be placed on the ground, or oil, liquid, etc. should not be left on the ground. The dedicated staff in each work area or the last person leaving the work area shall be responsible for closing doors, windows and electrical equipment. In addition to handing in documents and returning the tools and measuring tools at the completion of the work, the machine and the work site need to be cleaned up and can only leave after restoring to the original state.

11.Students who do not intern on the same day and those who are not in business are prohibited from entering the factory.

12.It is strictly forbidden to bring beverages and food into this factory. Please put the garbage in the trash can and sort the garbage.

13.It is strictly forbidden to smoke, eat, play, run, throw tools or engage in activities unrelated to work in the factory area.

14.Before starting the machine, check whether the work objects and knives are firmly installed and kept away from the rotating parts.

15.When operating the machine, you should be attentive, do not look around or talk to people, and do not lean your body against any machine.

16.Before measuring, cleaning, refueling, adjustment, etc., the machine should be stopped .