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The current staffing of the machinery factory:

one director (Professor Liu Jiansheng of the Department of Mechanical Engineering concurrently), two technicians, and two technicians for internship teaching support

The purpose of factory setting is divided into:

Regular, supportive and temporary work items

(1) Frequent: Counseling the factory internship courses for students of this department and foreign departments (factory internship<one><two>)

(2) Supporting: To support teachers and students of various departments (research institutes and university departments) for the production and processing of equipment, parts or test pieces required for teaching, research, and experimentation, as well as support work such as construction and teaching service projects or concurrent project assistants.

(3) temporary:

1. Teachers or students borrow factory equipment (machines and tools) for research and experimentation, assist their experiment equipment and provide operation instructions for the borrowed equipment.

2. The students (research institutes and university departments) make use of simple parts for experiments, and process and assemble them by themselves to provide instruments (machines, knives, tools, etc.) to borrow and assist in the operation and production and processing.

3. General maintenance items in the school (services within the scope of the factory's capabilities).